Tango DJ Forum (Monday Holiday 7 of July)  2017 Tango Festival en Tokyo


In order to learn everything on DJ from fundamentals to expert level, this forum, along with the international experienced DJs and the guest speakers, will proceed along the theme by sharing their extensive experience, deep knowledge and know-how.

  Forum is composed of two parts, Part 1 is the fundamentals of DJ and Part 2 is more specialized content on DJ. Please refer to each details below. Experienced DJs are encouraged to participate in both parts, but only Part 1 or 2 is also possible. If you would like to know more about Tango music and Tango DJ as a person who wishes to start DJ, as a tango dancer, or as a tango musician, please join Part 1.


DJ Forum: Part 1 and Part 2, and how to attend:

The Forum consists of two parts, Part1: Fundamentals of DJ and Part 2: DJ Advance. Please read the details of each part below. You can select and attend the both parts or only one part by topic.


Part 1: "Fundamentals of DJ" includes:

basic role of DJ, basic knowledge of music; type of music, differences by era, differences by orchestra, etc. And, you will learn how to select songs, how to combine the selected songs (how to make tanda) and how to make a peak of milonga. For technical, small questions will be answered such as what is the small USB (DAC) attached DJ’s lap top, why some DJ is using Mixer, and do we need them? Then, you learn what to do as a DJ, or what you should not do. In order to deepen the understandings, we actually look at the equipment used by DJs and, as necessary, we listen to some songs selected by the guest speakers.


Part 2: "DJ Advance" starts with:

the review of basic tango music, classification of tango music, which is the basis of DJ. And, learn how to prevent mannerism of weekly Milonga (3-5 hours), and how to select songs in long Milonga (6 - 9 hours) and how to control energy of the floor. In addition, the discussion will be how to do DJ at big international events and points to pay attention, how to select a cortina song and its positioning. On the technical side, you can learn more technical contents such as choice of software / hardware, sound source quality management, how to improve sound fidelity etc. In order to deepen the understandings, we will actually listen to some songs the guest speakers selected


 Three experienced and internationally renowned DJs, Richard Garrido (France), Lung-Kuei Lin (Taiwan), Anthony Miller (Australia) who had been invited to numerous international festivals and tango marathons etc. are guest speakers as well as the guest DJs of this festival. As a moderator and interpreter for the forum, Hiroyuki Iwashimizu is invited who has abundant international experience including tango. For details of each DJ, please refer to the official website of the festival, Guest DJ.


 For the progress of the forum, guest speakers will comment and discuss according to the theme. The content is not the rule of imposing, and everyone can refer it or digest it to your own. Questions are welcome. The languages used are Japanese and English, and will be translated by two-way.


Tango DJ Forum Outline

Date & Time: July 17(Monday Holiday), 2017 13:30-16:40

Venue: Ikebukuro “OWL SPOT”, Toshima Performing Arts Center

Address: 4-5-2, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. Rise Arena Building 3F

Guest Speakers:

Richard Garrido(France), Lung-Kuei Lin (Taiwan), Anthony Miller (Australia)

Moderator & Translator: Hiro Iwashimizu (Japan)



Web site https://www.tangofestivalentokyo.com/schedule-registration/

e-mail  tokyotangoeng@gmail.com


Part 1: "Fundamentals of DJ" 13:30 -15:00

EARLY BIRD: 3,000 yen      AT THE DOOR: 3,500 yen

TANGO DJ FORUM SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICE:  Part 1 + Part 2 = 5,000 yen


Who should attend:

- Recently started DJ (under 1 year)

- Want to be DJ in a milonga (no experience)

- Experienced DJ

- Tango dancer or Tango musician who wants to know more about Tango music and Tango DJ


Topics include:

- What is the role of DJ

- Basic knowledge of music (Type of music, Difference by Era, Differences by Orchestra)

- How to select songs for milonga

- How to make tandas for a milonga

- Understand what is DAC and Mixer

- Dos and Don’ts as a DJ

- To see professional gear

- and More


Part 2: "DJ Advance" 15:10 -16:40

EARLY BIRD: 3,000 yen      AT THE DOOR: 3,500 yen


Part 1 + Part 2 = 5,000 yen


Who should attend:

- Experienced DJ

- Recently started DJ (under 1 year)

- All Tango lovers who are interested in DJing


Topics include:

- Confirmation of basics of tango music

- Classification of Tango music

- How to prevent mannerism of weekly Milonga (3-5 hours) song selection

- How to make tanda in long Milonga (7-9 hours)

- How to control energy of the floor

- DJing at big international events, what to pay attention

- How to select a cortina song and its positioning

- Choice of software / hardware

- Sound source quality management,

- How to improve Sound fidelity and More



Part 1 + Part 2 = 5,000 yen


2017 Tango Festival en Tokyo Team Staff,

Sae & JuanCarlos

 (English)  tokyotangoeng@gmail.com


タンゴDJ フォーラムのご案内 (07月17日・祝) 2017タンゴフェスティバル・エン・東京








DJの基本的な役割を確認します。そして、重要な音楽の基礎知識(曲のタイプ、時代による違い、オーケストラによる違いなど)、曲の選び方、選んだ曲の組合せ方(タンダの作り方)、ミロンガの盛り上げ方などを学びます。また、小さな疑問、パソコンにさしてる小さなUSB (DAC)は何のためか、ミキサーって何のためなど素朴な質問にも答えます。DJとしてやるべきこと、あるいは、やってはいけないことなどを議論します。理解をより深めるために、DJが使う機器を実際に見て、必要に応じて、実際に曲を聞きながら進めます。




 数多くの国際的フェスティバルやタンゴマラソン等に招待されている経験豊富で国際的に著名な3名のDJ、リチャード・ガリード(フランス)、ルンクエイ・リン(台湾)、アンソニー・ミラー(オーストラリア)がゲストスピーカーです。この3名は今回のフェスティバルのゲストDJでもあります。フォーラムのモダレーター兼通訳として、タンゴを含め国際経験豊富な岩清水廣行氏を招いています。各DJの詳細については、フェスティバルの公式HPGuest DJを参照ください。






住所:豊島区東池袋4-5-2 ライズアリーナビル3F

ゲストスピーカー:リチャード・ガリード(フランス)、ルンクエイ・リン(台湾)、“エル・マフィオソ” アンソニー・ミラー(オーストラリア)



お申し込み:フェスティバルの公式サイトのSCHEDULE & REGISTRATIONよりお願いします。

Web site https://www.tangofestivalentokyo.com/schedule-registration/

メール  tokyotangojpn@gmail.com





前売:¥3,000 当日:¥3,500

タンゴDJ フォーラム、特別パッケージ料金:

パート1+ パート2 = 5,000


参加対象者:最近DJを始めた方(1年以内)・これからミロンガでDJを始めたい方 (未経験)DJ経験者・DJはしないが、ダンサーとして、或いは、タンゴ演奏家として音楽をより深く理解したい、なぜDJが必要か知りたい








-小さな疑問、USB (DAC)、ミキサーって何か

- DJとしてすべきこと、やってはいけないこと

- DJが使うプロの機器を実際に見る




前売 :¥3,000 当日:¥3,500

タンゴDJ フォーラム、特別パッケージ料金:

パート1+ パート2 = 5,000



参加対象者:DJ経験者・最近 DJを始めた方(一年以内)・全てのタンゴ愛好者















タンゴDJ フォーラム、特別パッケージ料金:

パート1+ パート2 = 5,000


お問い合わせ (2017 Tango Festival en Tokyo Team Staff,

Sae & JuanCarlos)

(日本語) tokyotangojpn@gmail.com




President CEO of Audio-Technica Europe since 2004.

Audio-Technica Europe is a subsidiary of Audio-Technica Corp, Machida, Tokyo, Japan, 3rd manufacturer in the world of Microphones, Headphones and phono cartridges.

Richard was working as professional DJ during his years of university in 1974, 1975, and 1976. It was the Vinyl record era, CD and computers did not exist in clubs during those « Disco times ».

Following his study in electronics and physics, and after a short experience in 1977 at Barclay’s recording studios in Paris, and as JBL systems service engineer, he founded in 1978 the company SCV AUDIO with two partners.

In 1998 after 20 years of his leadership, the SCV group was the largest European independent distribution company in professional audio products, Audio-Technica was since 1991 one of the distributed product line.

In 1986, Richard received the Audio-Engineering-Society board of governor’s award following his chairmanship and organisation of the 1984 Paris 75th AES convention.

Amateur musician since early age, addicted Tango dancer since 15 years, Richard spends several weeks per year in Buenos Aires working with Sound engineers, DJ’s, Musicians, Maestros, on all the aspect of Tango music and musicality.

His education in music, electronic and physics, associated with 40 years of experience in the music, audio and entertainment industries, combined with his passion for sound , allows him to analyse with adequate and professional methods the use of audio tools in the world of Tango.



リチャード・ガリド ダンサー、タンゴDJ、かつ2004年以来Audio-Technica Europeの会長兼CEOAudio-Technica Europeは、東京都町田市にあるAudio-Technica Corpの子会社で、世界で3番目のマイク、ヘッドホン、フォノカートリッジメーカーです。




電気工学と物理学の修士を終え、1977年にパリのバークレイレコーディングスタジオでJBLシステムサービスエンジニアとして短期間経験を得た後、1978年に2人のパートナーと共にSCV AUDIOを設立しました。 彼の働きにより20年後の1998年にSCVグループは、プロ仕様のオーディオ製品でヨーロッパ最大の独立した流通会社になりました。Audio-Technica1991年よりに流通会社の1つです。








NAVIGATOR (Moderator and Interpreter):


Hiro Iwashimizu – The Tango Ambassador of the world(JAPAN).

An accomplished and elegant dancer, deejay, tango connoisseur, music collector and tango host based in Tokyo, Japan, Hiroyuki Iwashimizu (aka"Hiro") started tango in 2000 and has learned from world-renown maestros, Carlos Gavito, Nito y Elba , Luis Castro y Claudia Mendoza, Jorge Torres, Facundo Posadas among others.

As a DJ, he is passionate about tango music from Golden Age, offering a wide range of music to generate the most rewarding and inspiring dancing experience for tango dancers. He collects and owns the 78 RPM transfers made by Japanese labels, widely considered as the best quality of tango music currently in the world, including CTA, AMP and Audio Park. During the years, he is invited to play music internationally.


He is the most gracious tango host in the world. For those fortunate foreign dancers who know him in person or thru friends’ reference, the first call in Tokyo goes to him. He arranges dinner party for international dancers, guides them thru Tokyo’s tango community and introduces them to local dancers. In an otherwise cold and snobbish milonga, he instils warmness, kindness, friendship and inclusiveness among out-of-town tangueros.


He is “Friend of Tango”, “Tanguero-without-borders” and sometimes called “World Milonga Dictionary” in the world of tango communities. From Boston to Beijing, from Manila to Milan, from Dusseldorf to Dubai, he has made more than 20 overseas trips, total 135 days to Europe, American Continent, Asia and Africa, visiting 60 plus cities and more than 80 milongas plus every year to offer his support and encouragement to tango events and local milongas all over the world. His mere presence there enlightens the community. He brings people together thru tango. He is the Tango Ambassador of the World.


岩清水廣行  - タンゴ世界大使(日本)


卓越した技術とエレガンスを併せ持つダンサーであり、DJであり、タンゴ・えきすぱーとであり、音楽コレクターであり、東京をベースに活躍するタンゴ・ホストでもある岩清水廣行は、2000年にタンゴを始めて以来、 カルロス・ガビート、ルイス・カストロ&クラウディア・メンドーサ、ニト&エルバ、ホルヘ・トーレス、ファクンド・ポサーダスなど世界的な巨匠たちに師事してきた。






彼は世界中のタンゴ・コミュニティーを駆け巡る 「タンゴの友」であり「国境なきタンゲーロ」また「世界ミロンガ辞書」とも呼ばれる。ボストンから北京、マニラからミラノ、ドュッセルドルフからドバイまで、毎年20カ国以上を駆け巡り、欧州、アメリカ大陸、アジア、アフリカ諸国60以上の都市に合計135日間滞在し、80以上のミロンガを訪れ、様々なタンゴイベントや地元のミロンガに惜しみない支援の手を差し伸べる。彼の存在そのものが、タンゴ・コミュニティーを啓蒙するのだ。岩清水廣行は、タンゴを通じて世界中の人々を結びつけるタンゴ世界大使といえよう。




One of the most highly respected DJs in Taiwan and North America! From his home base in Taipei to festivals and marathons around the countries such as Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Ann Arbor, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Montreal, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Busan, Beijing, Singapore and Tokyo. He DJs regularly in all Milongas in Taipei now.

Lung-Kuei’s smooth, thoughtful approach to tango music has delighted many a tanguera/o, and has earned him a place on the DJ roster of some of the countries’ most notable milongas in both Asia and North America.

For more on Lung-Kuei and his DJ Calendar, please visit his website: www.lungkuei.com



ルウン-クエイ・リン /Lung-Kuei Lin (台湾) 






Lung-Kueiと彼のDJ カレンダーについては、彼のウェブサイトwww.lungkuei.comをご覧ください。





International DJ EL MAFIOSO aka Anthony, lives in Sydney, Director of the tango school ‘Tango Spirit’ which he operates with Jacqueline Simpson (www.tangospirit.com.au).

Anthony is in high demand both in Australia and globally. He has been invited and DJ’d in many countries including Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Hong Kong, Seoul (Korea), Shanghai (China), Beijing (China), Istanbul (Turkey), Ljubljana (Slovenia), & Singapore. “I loved Tango since I saw my parents dancing it. I am passionate about tango music, in fact I am almost obsessive.”



DJ El Mafioso(エル・マフィオソ) - まさにその瞬間に相応しいタンゴ音楽を流す-


国際的DJ El Mafioso(エル・マフィオソ)ことアンソニーはシドニー在住、タンゴスクール"タンゴスピリッツ"のディレクターであり、ジャクリーン シンプソンと一緒に運営しています(www.tangospirit.com.au)