With a great knowledge and passion for tango, and collection of many rare and unavailable tracks, El Mafioso offers an unforgettable evening for those who appreciate tango.
Anthony-El Mafioso is a principal of Sydney tango school ‘Tango Spirit’ and the resident DJ at Tango Spirit's Milongas Sydney. Has been invited to DJ to many places and festivals around the world: Santiago, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Lviv.
He also runs DJ Classes in Sydney and around the world (
“I loved Tango since I saw my parents dancing it. I am passionate about tango music - in fact I am almost obsessive about the music, and constantly on a never-ending mission for new music for dancers to enjoy.”


Richard is a traditional tango DJ in Hong Kong, China.  He started tango in 2003 and began DJing in 2007.  Being an active dancer himself, he understands what dancers want and knows well how to read the dance floor and interacts with them.  To share his knowledge and passion in tango music, he plays music in milongas in Hong Kong and across China, and conducts tango DJ workshop on a regular basis. He has been invited to DJ in festivals and marathons: Festivalito de Tango en Hong Kong, Beijing Tango Marathon del Hutong, Shanghai Tango Festivals, Shanghai International Tango Carnival, Taipei Tango Festival, Taiwan Tango Marathon, Wuhan Tango Festival, Singapore International Tango Festival, Tango Festival en Tokyo and Vietnam Tango Marathon.


One of the rising stars in the tango milonga DJ era. In past seven years, he is invited to festivals or activities as guest DJ in different cities in Asia, such as Tokyo, Beijing, Osaka, Taichung and Hong Kong. He is the house DJ of Corazon Studio, Taipei. He also regularly DJs in Taipei city, and invited to open tango musical seminars in Taipei and other cities in Taiwan. Trevor is in loved with classical music and jazz over twenty five years, and it makes him very sensitive about music. His musical arrangement in milongas is so passionate and warm that touched tanguera and tanguero in the milongas, and it has made him as one the rising stars in the tango milonga DJ.



Born and raised in the Island of The Gods, Bali, started his career in Argentinean Tango since 2008. Two years later he moved to the capital city of Indonesia – Jakarta to deepen his knowledge of Tango. Since then, he has he travelled numerously to Buenos Aires Argentina to immerse himself in the world of Argentinean Tango. Since then Fuchong has actively participated in many festivals in Asia as participants, guest DJ and/or International guest performers. Singapore, Seoul, Hongkong, Shanghai, Saigon Vietnam, Malaysia. About 6 years ago he ventured into setting up his own Milonga in Jakarta, where he is the Host and DJ. With the flag of PACIENCIA MILONGA INDONESIA, he has help grown the Jakarta Tango community significantly. He is also a respectable and popular Tango teacher, he teaches and held Workshops from Jakarta, to Bandung, Jogjakarta and Bali.



He is an architect and a Tango fanatic. He is also the organizer of the Tres Hombres Milonga in Taipei. He enjoys surfing and combing his two cats.


After discovered Argentine Tango in 2008, Jonathan has developed a deep appreciation for Tango music. Since 2014 he regularly DJ in Taipei including special events of master exhibition and studio anniversary milongas. 


As one of Taiwan’s favorite Tango DJ, Jonathan enjoys engaging people on the dance floor with unforgettable Tango music selections and creating a strong emotional experience at the milonga.





Nicolas, start dancing tango since 12 years old. 

For him, music is the soul of tango and his dance is famous for its Musicality and energy. 

He started DJ in milongas in the south of BA where he organizes and teaches. He also DJ in some of the young milongas in Buenos Aires. His favorite DJs that influence him mostly is Horacio Godoy ( La Viruta tango club) , Jorge González ( Club Gricel ), Javier Guiraldy (La Marshall ) , Analia “La Rubia “ ( Europe ) , who has taught him well to explore the world of tango music. 

Now base in China, Nicolas has DJ in most of the important events in Shanghai, such as Shanghai International Tango Festival; TangoBang Anniversary; his DJ presence has been in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chendu and Chongqing. 

It will be the first time that Nico DJ in Festival of Tokio and he is very excited to share his music with community over there.


More GUEST DJS to the 2nd. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO (July 13 to 17) will be announced very soon!!

1st. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO 2017, July 14 to 17. Guest DJs.


El Mafioso


Richard Garrido


Lung-Kuei Lin


Trevor Wong


Jenny Wong