Jessica is a dance artist, performer and dance educator, who sees dance and movement as a medium that can connect one’s deepest level of awareness to one’s true self. Teaching and performing Argentine tango helps her spread that joy around the world. She also believes that dance is a means of communication with others. Jessica has developed a deep understanding for movement and the science behind it, music and its theory, improvisation and dance composition and its importance in producing free-thinking dancers. Having studied many different styles of dance, Jessica is also not shy to dance competitions, where she competed for multiple years in American Ballroom. She is currently developing a Contemporary Dance curriculum at NCPA in Guangzhou, China where she teaches middle school and high school dance.


GLEN ROYCE`s Profile (USA)
Glen, currently based in Guangzhou, China, a licensed school teacher with nearly 20 years teaching in school, was first exposed to social tango at university in Buenos Aires. He began his professional tango career in Beijing from 2010-2012, where he also organized the capital city’s first tango weekend, as well as its first two festivals. In 2012 Glen returned to Buenos Aires, where he studied and worked as a stage dancer and tango instructor for 5 years. Wanting to become the best teacher possible, during his time in Buenos Aires, Glen has studied with nearly every famous maestro in tango, enjoying the amazing opportunity to not only learn their dance styles, but also their teaching styles. He has won and placed runner-up of several international competitions and is the current champion of both Vals and Milonga in China.


Ratih Soe Kosasie, former Top Model Indonesia in 1985, expresses her love for tango and the rich culture of her country, Indonesia, by combining the two elements and coming up with a beautiful new expression. It’s a cross culture basically that She want to achieve. In Indonesia She is famously known dancing Argentine Tango with Indonesian flare, as a part of the mix culture.


She is the founder of Tango Lovers Jakarta, the leading tango organizer in Indonesia and the creator of Tango in Paradise for humanity in Bali.  As a tango organizer in Indonesia, She has been organizing regularly tango event in Indonesia. Inviting many world-class tango teachers to conduct lessons and performances. As a tango dancer, she does some performances in Indonesia, invited to do an exhibitions such as, Shanghai Tango Festival’14 and ‘15, Taipe Tango festival’14, Fukuoka Tango Festival’14 & ‘15, Tokyo Tango Marathon and Hiroshima’15, Saigon Tango Festival’15, World Day tango in Bangkok ’15. Tango Congress 2018 in Moscow, 3rd Thailand Tango festival 2019.  In, April 22-23 She was pointed by The Argentinean Embassy in Indonesia to do the Tango road show in Bandung in conjunction of the Asia Africa Conference. In 2011 she was invited to do a culture mission in Argentina to do tango performance with Francisco Forquera in Four Seasons hotel in Buenos Aires.  As an organizer, she has a privileges to do an exhibition with many maestro.

Through her tango movements, she express Connection, Passion and Style.


Florencia studied ballet in college. She was a professional performer in musicals for 8 years. She joined the 2004 World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires and won second prize in the stage section.  She was a judge of the Asian Tango Championship in Japan in 2009 and 2010. Leonel is originally from Hong Kong and speaks fluent Chinese. He lived in the US and won first prize at the 2002 USA Tango Championship. They have been invited to teach and perform in many cities in Korea and abroad, including Busan, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei, Fukuoka, Singapore, Sydney, and Los Angeles. They are pioneers of the Seoul tango community, having started teaching tango there since 2005. They founded their own tango studio El Bulin in 2009. They have brought many foreign dancers to Korea by organizing the annual Seoul Tango Festival for the past 11 years.



 Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson has been dancing tango since 1995 and teaching in Sydney since 2001. Originally from Chile, she has taught and performed in Santiago as well working in Buenos Aires for The World Tango Festival (2001-2006), translating the classes of Argentinean maestros including Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves, Javier Rodriguez, Geraldine Rojas, etc. Jacqueline is a passionate advocate for the health benefits of tango and in 2008/2009 she participated in the first empirical studies of tango with the Universities of New England and McGill.

Anthony Miller loved tango music since a child watching his parents dance. Beside his career as a respected tango teacher and dancer, he is also a professional presenter and recognized world Tango DJ, and has travelled worldwide to share his love for tango music.


In 2007 Jacqueline and Anthony founded Tango Spirit- a community focused dance school which holds regular classes, workshops and milongas. Jacqueline and Anthony believe that tango is much more than just a dance, but a history, culture and art form. This will be their first joint visit to Japan.


Tango Spirit:


Agnes Tang and Derrick Lee started their tango career right after folk dance and flamenco. Besides having their own professions in private equity investment and electronic engineering, they are also professional dancers, teachers and choreographers giving regular tango lessons, performances and special workshops in Taiwan, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore... etc. They are also organizers hosting different kinds of tango events (practilonga, workshop, forum...etc.) from time to time to introduce decent tango artists to Taiwan. Their unique style of vibrant and artistic presentation of tango has always been popular and adored by the audience. (Facebook : Agnesy Derrick Tango /


They are professional tango teacher, dancer, choreographer and organizer.

They found Angel Tango Academy in 2013, that has about 50 regular tango classes per month, and they organize Milonga Meca every Monday. They are invited Argentina Tango class / workshop / performance from tango communities and festivals in Korea and in Tokyo& Fukuoka etc.

Angel Aritta has been teaching and performing Argentina Tango 10 years more. As a Member of board of directors of KATA (Korea Argentine Tango Association), he communicates and organizes programs for development of Tango in Korea. He choreographed tango dancing and tango performances for artistes & many festivals, and he appeared in a TV & cable program also.


Lorena learned Classical ballet, Jazz dance, Tap dance, Korean Traditional dance etc. since 2000. As a tango artist she has a special background in music (as a choir member, Rock musician, and Musical actress etc.). She works also for tango DJ since 2015. As an organizer she studied and worked Art & Culture planning in France more than 5 years.


More International Guest Tango Artists will be announced!!

2nd. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO 2018, July 13~16. International Guest Tango Artists.

To all the Artists whom supported and collaborated to build the 2nd. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO 2018: THANKS THANKS A LOT...FOREVER!! This Festival, YOUR FESTIVAL,.. ALWAYS!!


(Shanghai-China, Argentina)


(Korea / Hong Kong)

Jacqueline & Anthony

(Chile / Australia)


(Seoul, Korea)



1st. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO 2017, July 14~17. International Guest Tango Artists.

To all the Artists whom supported and collaborated to build the 1st. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO 2017: THANKS THANKS A LOT...FOREVER!! This Festival, YOUR FESTIVAL,.. ALWAYS!!


(Shanghai-China, Argentina)


(Hong Kong-China)

Agnes & Derrick



(Seoul, Korea)

                         ARITTA & LORENA

                          (Seoul, Korea)


(Russia / Taiwan)