Claudia Mendoza and Luis Castro obtained the title of professor of Danzas Nativas Argentinas in 1976. In 1987 Rodolfo Dinzel invited him to participate in a research work on Tango-dance. Winner of the First Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires in 1989 with his show "Crecer en 2x4". In 1990 Luis Castro started dancing with the dancer Claudia Mendoza, together they have exhibited in the most important theater of the world with the company of Tango Pasión and later with Forever Tango from 1992 to 2000. With this last one they were nominated in Broadway like Better choreographers for the following prestigious prizes granted by the specialized critic of New York: Tony Awards, Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle. In 2004 they published in Italy the book "Vivir Embraados, tres ensayos sobre el Tango" together with the psychologist Evangelina Tribolo and the musician Franco Finocchiaro; Greco editions. In 2006 they published in Italy the Manual "Tango Argentino, el tango y su estructura", translated by Letizia Pini and with the musical advice of Gianluca Pozzi. This manual was translated and published in English in San Francisco, USA 2008.

The National Academy of Tango, in the year 2006 and 2008, named them Corresponding Academicians in Milano, Italy, for their research and dissemination of the Argentine tango in the world. In addition to the activity in different theaters, they have created a true school of tango with a Program of study, a Method based on a research work of more than thirty years on "The Origins" and the Evolution of Tango Dance ". Since 2004 they have been working as Maestri in Milan, since 2013 in the Cultural Association "Agarrate Catalina" Bergamo and in Lo Stanzone in Voghera.



World-class Argentine Tango masters, choreographers and profesional dancers who have been dancing together for 14 years.


With an exquisite identity and strong personality in their dance, they are invited to be part of the most important tango festivals in Europe, USA, Australia, Argentina and Asia, where they have been working for ten years.


As performers and dance captains, while they are in Buenos Aires, they work at the major Tango houses like Señor Tango and Esquina Carlos Gardel.


In addition, they regularly exhibit at the traditional milongas of Bs As. as Salon Canning and La Baldosa, apart from giving lessons and workshops at Escuela Mundial de Tango and Mariposita Studio.


They have also been convoked for judging at different preliminaries for the World Tango Championship in Argentina and other countries.

As directors and choreographers, they have created eight different thematic solo shows and the three big shows: "Back to Tango", to be world premiered in 2019 ,"TangoStory", Brazil 2017 and 2018  closing performance for Sao Paulo Preliminary of World Tango Championship with a cast of tango stars and world tango champions and  "ConjuroTango", their own tango company, born in 2010, with a cast of 26 artists including dancers, singers and musicians. ConjuroTango has toured around the major Opera Theathers of seven cities in China in 2011.



Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson has been dancing tango since 1995 and teaching in Sydney since 2001. Originally from Chile, she has taught and performed in Santiago as well working in Buenos Aires for The World Tango Festival (2001-2006), translating the classes of Argentinean maestros including Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves, Javier Rodriguez, Geraldine Rojas, etc. Jacqueline is a passionate advocate for the health benefits of tango and in 2008/2009 she participated in the first empirical studies of tango with the Universities of New England and McGill.

Anthony Miller loved tango music since a child watching his parents dance. Beside his career as a respected tango teacher and dancer, he is also a professional presenter and recognized world Tango DJ, and has travelled worldwide to share his love for tango music.



In 2007 Jacqueline and Anthony founded Tango Spirit- a community focused dance school which holds regular classes, workshops and milongas. Jacqueline and Anthony believe that tango is much more than just a dance, but a history, culture and art form. This will be their first joint visit to Japan.


Tango Spirit:


Florencia studied ballet in college. She was a professional performer in musicals for 8 years. She joined the 2004 World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires and won second prize in the stage section.  She was a judge of the Asian Tango Championship in Japan in 2009 and 2010. Leonel is originally from Hong Kong and speaks fluent Chinese. He lived in the US and won first prize at the 2002 USA Tango Championship. They have been invited to teach and perform in many cities in Korea and abroad, including Busan, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Taipei, Fukuoka, Singapore, Sydney, and Los Angeles. They are pioneers of the Seoul tango community, having started teaching tango there since 2005. They founded their own tango studio El Bulin in 2009. They have brought many foreign dancers to Korea by organizing the annual Seoul Tango Festival for the past 10 years.



Vivian Yeh, Founder of TangoBang, the first Tango School in Shanghai, has been teaching and organizing Argentina Tango class / workshop / performance since 2008 in Shanghai. She was the finalist in the competition of Metropolitano in Buenos Aires in 2013. She has been invited to perform and teach at some of the most important Tango Festivals in Asia.
Vivian loves dancing and started Ballet since age 5, she's been actively exploring popular dance formats. Vivian has a strong background in music which represent strong musicality and dynamics in her dance. As the principle timpanist with Taipei Philharmonic orchestra and Taiwan Wind Ensembles, she's been tour in Europe / US / Asia since 2000.
She has been invited to perform and teach at some of the most important Tango Festivals in Asia.

Nicolas Marini, currently organizes TangoBang with Vivian, began his career as a dancer in the South of the province of Buenos Aires at the age of 15 years. It is emphasized in his career called Tangueria (milonga of districts) was considered his place of education. Do not have any restriction on genre-"the tango is everything, it is the beginning and the course of life, exactly consider it a lifestyle". In 2011, he started his career as a choreographer and teacher in several cities in countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, El Salvador and Paraguay undertaking his first trips. In the years 2012 and 2013, he won the first place in Salón category in the Mundial del Tango in La Plata division. In 2013 till now, he is farther from his hometown to manages to cultivate more teaching in countries like Spain, England, Israel and other countries.
The met each other in Buenos Aires in February, 2016 and started dancing as a couple from July. In the very short amount of time, they have already gained trust and reputation among communities in China, Asia, and in Argentina.


Even though they came from different background in the dance training, they share the same passion and believe to Tango. "Tango is the way of life, we live the Tango". They don't limit themselves to one specific style, with respect to the tradition and admire to the new. They believe that the true beauty of the music and embrace will lead them to the dance.



They are professional tango teacher, dancer, choreographer and organizer.

They found Angel Tango Academy in 2013, that has about 50 regular tango classes per month, and they organize Milonga Meca every Monday. They are invited Argentina Tango class / workshop / performance from tango communities and festivals in Korea and in Tokyo& Fukuoka etc.

Angel Aritta has been teaching and performing Argentina Tango 10 years more. As a Member of board of directors of KATA (Korea Argentine Tango Association), he communicates and organizes programs for development of Tango in Korea. He choreographed tango dancing and tango performances for artistes & many festivals, and he appeared in a TV & cable program also.


Lorena learned Classical ballet, Jazz dance, Tap dance, Korean Traditional dance etc. since 2000. As a tango artist she has a special background in music (as a choir member, Rock musician, and Musical actress etc.). She works also for tango DJ since 2015. As an organizer she studied and worked Art & Culture planning in France more than 5 years.



Since 2008 I-Fan began to learn Tango, from 2010-2012 went to Buenos Aires not only acquired Argentina culture but also mastered in Tango with Andrea Misse y Javier Rodriguez, Lorena Ermocida, Jorge Dispari y Maria del Carmen Romero, Andrea Reyero y Sebastian Misse, Stella Misse, Carlos Copello, Marite Lujan, Natalia Hills y Alejandro Aquino, Daniel Juarez y Alejandra Armenti etc… still, I-Fan going back to Buenos Aires ,regularly, to perform with local dancer. In I-Fan’s dance, full of unique power of beauty and passion spirit. I-Fan have been teaching in Tango for many years, the core teaching, the most popular class, by using particular method to help students finding their own dancing style in northern part of Taiwan, China (Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou), Singapore, Tokyo and San Juan in Argentina etc..


More International Guest Tango Artists will be annouced!!

1st. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO 2017. International Guest Tango Artists. Thanks a lot!!


(Shanghai-China, Argentina)


(Hong Kong-China)

Agnes & Derrick



(Seoul, Korea)

                         ARITTA & LORENA

                          (Seoul, Korea)


(Russia / Taiwan)



To all the Artists whom supported and collaborated to build the 1st. TANGO FESTIVAL en TOKYO 2017 (July 14 to 17): THANKS THANKS A LOT...FOREVER!! This Festival, YOUR FESTIVAL,.. ALWAYS!!